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12 REPLIES and 6024 Views I proudly present...    6024  12 Started by  . van IJzendoorn the first topic in English on! In conjunction with the first issue of DN magazine in English, we hope that our efforts will result in a increasing awareness of DN as association worldwide. This topic will expand as more use is made of it. Come take a look at our webshop for ordering our new English magazine and please let us know what you thought! yours sincerely, Ingmar van IJzendoorn &160; &160;
12 6024
door  . van IJzendoornGa naar laatste bericht
15 apr 2010 19:44
6 REPLIES and 657 Views 'Poison Dart Frogs, The Documentary'  657  6 Started by  Andres Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but I have been in the hobby for 8 years now. We have started project on Kickstarters web (crowdfunding platform) to back a documentary centered on Poison Dart Frogs, Rainforests and their conservation. I've always dreamed of a documentary focused on our interests: PDF behaviour, feeding preferences, breeding locations and hazards; their real habitat and living conditions, the plants that actually relate to them for breeding (like bromeliads and heliconias)...
6 657
door  Nicolai VeenGa naar laatste bericht
02 jan 2017 20:50
0 REPLIES and 1077 Views Petition for Tesoros de Colombia,please sign and share  1077  0 Started by  Stuart Philpott   Guys could you please read this and share it as well anywhere you can.  I would  be really very grateful if someone could post this on your main forum in your native tongue.  Thank you so much for reading this, Massive thanks to all  the folks that sign.
0 1077
01 mei 2015 20:54
3 REPLIES and 1182 Views Excidobates mysteriosus Build  1182  3 Started by  Joe Richardson hey guys, i'm setting off on the journey of building a tank for some of these guys, as i understand it they are found in the wild living generally on mountainside. It's going to be 90(w)x50(d)x60(h)-centimeters- . currently my mind is working overtime to figure out what/how to achieve this look, wondering if any of you kind souls could point me in the direction of some build threads or even pictures of setups for these frogs Cheers Joe
3 1182
door  Jeroen van der StienGa naar laatste bericht
06 feb 2015 08:36
0 REPLIES and 792 Views Wanted Dendrobates auratus black and blue Calobre  792  0 Started by  DJ Abinthia hello do you know anyone i can get Dendrobates auratus black and blue Calobre from
0 792
23 jan 2014 17:35
12 REPLIES and 1524 Views Teseros de Colombia  1524  12 Started by  Stuart Philpott    Hi ,      many of you will know of the Colombian project,Teseros de Colombia. this is the work of one man Ivan Lorenzo. Ivan has been working on this for around 10 years now. But he is struggling a bit. Ivan has only been able to release certain frogs at first,such as Truncatus,but they haven't sold that well. Over time he will be able to relaease other species such as large oophaga,all done legally with a conservation motive behind it all. This is so exciting for ou...
12 1524
door  Stuart PhilpottGa naar laatste bericht
20 jan 2014 22:59
3 REPLIES and 1086 Views Feeding suppliments  1086  3 Started by  Ivan Delev Hey guys! Soon i'll be getting my 1st PDF (vittatus) and i am wondering what kind of suppliments to use. I was reading that most of the people in the US are using rep-cal, but as far as i know they are not available around here in Europe... So i was wondering if i should go with Repashy products or Dendrocare I've heard some good things about dendrocare, but it sounds too good that it is good enough for everyday use. What would you recommend 
3 1086
door  Stuart PhilpottGa naar laatste bericht
24 okt 2013 21:07
3 REPLIES and 1364 Views Flevopol  1364  3 Started by  Stuart Philpott Hi guys,      as always we are influenced by the wonderful craftsmanship in many of your stunning vivaria. Please can anyone give me any information on the product called Flevopol.I would like to know what it constits of/what it is made of What it is used for,is it a specialist product for terraria,or is it used ,say in the construction industry. We are trying to find something similar here in England that is safe to use with our dartfrogs.    Thank you all for any ...
3 1364
door  Stuart PhilpottGa naar laatste bericht
24 okt 2013 21:01
0 REPLIES and 733 Views Introduction  733  0 Started by  Gita Shanti Hello everyone. I'm not new to Anura - this is a return to a childhood interest, when I bred bullfrogs and leopard frogs in my kiddie swimming pool. The books that I bought about them and my parents, never told me about poison dart frogs though. Too bad they didn't realize the newt I carried around in my hand as a child was poisonous enough to kill 3 adult humans.
0 733
05 sep 2013 12:08
2 REPLIES and 1486 Views Amsterdam  1486  2 Started by  Bjorn Carlen Hi all, Im going to Amsterdam in end november, any one know a store where you can by dartfrogs Or plants Or mabye some private person have something to sell. Im there for a bachelor(spelling) party so rent a car i out of the question for obvious reasons.  Dont hesitate to contact me.... Regards from Stockholm Björn
2 1486
door  Touchwood TouchwoodGa naar laatste bericht
13 okt 2012 03:59
5 REPLIES and 1824 Views Dendrobates auratus celeste babies  1824  5 Started by  DJ Abinthia our celeste are doing very well at breeding 4 babies and lots of tadpole sorry about the photo being bit foggy down to the container they are in
5 1824
door  DJ AbinthiaGa naar laatste bericht
06 okt 2012 16:38
0 REPLIES and 1122 Views Offer and wanted / ANTWERP Naturaria Fair  1122  0 Started by  ben benguy Dear all, As written, I'm selling and looking for some frogs for Antwerp this week end or esle : Selling : - Trio Phyllobates Vittatus (1.2) breeding / very productive / 3 years old  - 1.1 Ranitomeya Ventrimaculata / breeding - 1 male Epipedobates Tricolor Hoogland / calling Wanted : - female Pumilio Bribri - Young Ranitomeya Intermeduis - female Tinctorius Patricia - female Tricolor Hoogland If you have some availabilities or are interested by some of my frogs, please co...
0 1122
19 sep 2012 20:55
0 REPLIES and 999 Views Nice to meet You !  999  0 Started by  ben benguy Hello Everybody, My name is Ben I'm in the hobby since 2009 and am very interested in frogs and plants... I have been living in French Guyana 3 years between 2005 and 2008 that certainly the raison why !!! Sorry if i make some mistake... It's not easy to use a foreign forum but I'm very happy to be here ! Hope it will be the same for you ! See you Ben 
0 999
19 sep 2012 20:40
1 REPLIES and 1254 Views Dendrobates auratus black and green  1254  1 Started by  DJ Abinthia we now have 3 baby Dendrobates auratus black and green another 2 morphing
1 1254
door  ingel baaijensGa naar laatste bericht
11 sep 2012 21:00
5 REPLIES and 2041 Views Questions regarding Dutch Frog Day...  2041  5 Started by  Chris Taylor Hello all, &160; I am not going to be able to attend HAMM this year so am looking at the other option Dutch Frog Day... I know very little about it and its not easy to find much info. &160; Please could some one enlighten me to as whe it will be held this year, What I could expect Kinds of frogs Any thing else. &160; My many thanks, &160; Chris
5 2041
door  DJ AbinthiaGa naar laatste bericht
10 sep 2012 15:38
1 REPLIES and 1311 Views ranitomeya imitator jeberos babies  1311  1 Started by  DJ Abinthia ranitomeya imitator jeberos babies we have a few but not sure how many yet
1 1311
door  Bert RoelofsGa naar laatste bericht
02 sep 2012 21:20
0 REPLIES and 1028 Views Phyllobates terribilis yellow  1028  0 Started by  DJ Abinthia Phyllobates terribilis yellow Need a female for him
0 1028
28 aug 2012 00:21
0 REPLIES and 1031 Views Dendrobates auratus Blue and Black  1031  0 Started by  DJ Abinthia Has anyone got a spare male Dendrobates auratus Blue and Black need one to pair our female off too
0 1031
25 aug 2012 16:18
22 REPLIES and 8819 Views Dendrobates auratus  8819  22 Started by  Stuart Philpott Ok, could you please tell me which morphs are common...which are rare and are there any that are not available as they are not leally imported from there native country.In england we see rarely..and very few others,massive thankyou...Stu
22 8819
door  DJ AbinthiaGa naar laatste bericht
14 aug 2012 16:58
1 REPLIES and 1673 Views hi, new member from edinburgh  1673  1 Started by  darren simpson hi all, just joined this forum, to look for new blood lines for my collections basically, i dont speak dutch at all and was looking to try and source some r.vanzolinii and some r.uakarii to add. &160; any help and advice would be fantastic &160; thanks, darren
1 1673
door  René KrüterGa naar laatste bericht
01 mrt 2012 18:38
2 REPLIES and 1495 Views Introduction and in need of some help.  1495  2 Started by  Richard Stuart Hello all. My name is Richie and I&160;have been in the frog hobby since 2009. My passion is certainly with the Ranitomeya species, which is what my collection solely consists of other than 4x P. Terribilis. I am posting here because I&160;have just uploaded a few photos to the frog photo galleries, and accidently uploaded some multiples. If you look in the Imitator photo album you will see what I&160;mean, and I ask anybody with the authority to please delete the untitled bottom 4 for me...
2 1495
door  Richard StuartGa naar laatste bericht
03 feb 2012 18:11
2 REPLIES and 2218 Views Legislation: please read  2218  2 Started by  Stuart Philpott &160;Hello to all in Holland,i hope you are well. I don't know alot about this legislation that is preposed for all of Europe but it seems important that you all know about it,it has the potential ,i am informed to have great consequences for our hobby.Plaease read the attached link.I am not good with computers but this is so important i hope the link is attached Take care all huge ...
2 2218
door  Stuart PhilpottGa naar laatste bericht
01 jul 2011 01:32
0 REPLIES and 1705 Views Next frogday october 8th 2011  1705  0 Started by  Roy Morssinkhof Put it on your agenda: the next frogday will be on october 8th 2011
0 1705
06 jun 2011 13:51
4 REPLIES and 3943 Views Vivarium venting question  3943  4 Started by  Charles Sperry Can someone help me understand the venting system most of you use &160;My question concerns the way you position the vent at the bottom inside the tank. &160;Why don't you just drill the front glass and position the vent vertically &160;Most of you don't do it this way and since you all are way ahead of us in construction techniques I'd like to understand why. &160;Thanks for your time. Chuck
4 3943
door  Charles SperryGa naar laatste bericht
21 apr 2011 20:21
4 REPLIES and 5210 Views The Dirty Dozen Pesticides  5210  4 Started by  wesley brouwer The Dirty&160;Dozen Posted on November 29, 2010 by Andrew Gray Costa Rica is a&160;fabulous place, but there are many environmental problems that are having a catastrophic effect on the wildlife here. Following my blog, you will have seen some of the amazing creatures that live here. However, whether a frog or a sloth, the health of many creatures is being seriously compromised by the direct actions of &160;humans. Here in the Caribbean lowlands it makes my heart sink when I see the ...
4 5210
door  wesley brouwerGa naar laatste bericht
29 jan 2011 21:46
10 REPLIES and 2965 Views Hello  2965  10 Started by  Stuart Philpott &160;Hello to all the good people of holland and all that love dartfrogs,we are slowly getting ready for our own collection of frogs.We are building a room just for frogs in our house,most of the building work is complete,and we are about to build our racking system.We have food cultures...everywhere,and have been breeding plants for a year.We have nearly finished our first 3 vivs 2 are planted and waiting for the room to be ready,so can anyone give any advice on building a frogroom or things i...
10 2965
door  Stuart PhilpottGa naar laatste bericht
12 okt 2010 22:53
16 REPLIES and 2750 Views help to post photographs  2750  16 Started by  Stuart Philpott so as above anyone able to tell me how i can show you my photographs..i am not the best with computers...DOH...thankyou in advance
16 2750
door  Stuart PhilpottGa naar laatste bericht
12 okt 2010 20:55
5 REPLIES and 2594 Views Can anyone help with advice please  2594  5 Started by  Steve McMillan &160;Hi, I have been keeping an eye on my vanzo tank as I know there are tadpoles in some of the broms, everything has been fine and the female has regulary been depositing eggs in to feed them Now for the problem!!! &160;About a fortnight ago I noticed that one of the broms had started to die off, over the two weeks it has gradually got worse until today when I checked it seemed that it was no longer holding water. I made the decision to remove the brom and try to retrieve the tadpole that...
5 2594
door  Steve McMillanGa naar laatste bericht
28 jul 2010 14:06
3 REPLIES and 3969 Views Mantella sp. Studbook  3969  3 Started by  Markus Wilder I am the European Studbook&160;Foundations co-ordinator for all Mantella species, and am inviting anyone who works with mantellas to join the studbook.&160; For those who are unsure what a studbook is, it gives an opportunity to co-ordinate breeding and animal movements in captive popualtions to try and increase the purity of the bloodlines. With the ESF studbook you would keep 100 control and possession of your animals but it will be a great way to source new animals or find people who are ...
3 3969
door  Markus WilderGa naar laatste bericht
18 jun 2010 17:46
1 REPLIES and 2232 Views Sick Tinc help  2232  1 Started by  Nick Sharp Can anyone help with this
1 2232
door  Nick SharpGa naar laatste bericht
21 mei 2010 11:52
2 REPLIES and 2272 Views Please give us your opinion  2272  2 Started by  . van IJzendoorn Hi now the English magazine is being spread all over the world (it's really going fantastic ), we are very, very, véry curious how you like it. So, if you want to, give us your comments, positive ór negative and help us to improve the next editions of DN English magazine! Put it right over here or mail to&160;; We will be very grateful for this! cheers, Ingmar &160; &160;
2 2272
door  . van IJzendoornGa naar laatste bericht
29 apr 2010 16:43
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