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12 REPLIES and 7072 Views I proudly present...    7072  12 Started by  . van IJzendoorn
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the first topic in English on! In conjunction with the first issue of DN magazine in English, we hope that our efforts will result in a increasing awareness of DN as association worldwide. This topic will expand as more use is made of it. Come take a look at our webshop for ordering our new English magazine and please let us know what you thought! yours sincerely, Ingmar van IJzendoorn &160; &160;
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door  . van IJzendoornGa naar laatste bericht
15 apr 2010 19:44
6 REPLIES and 2919 Views 'Poison Dart Frogs, The Documentary'  2919  6 Started by  Andres
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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but I have been in the hobby for 8 years now. We have started project on Kickstarters web (crowdfunding platform) to back a documentary centered on Poison Dart Frogs, Rainforests and their conservation. I've always dreamed of a documentary focused on our interests: PDF behaviour, feeding preferences, breeding locations and hazards; their real habitat and living conditions, the plants that actually relate to them for breeding (like bromeliads and heliconias)...
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door  Nicolai VeenGa naar laatste bericht
02 jan 2017 20:50
0 REPLIES and 1725 Views Petition for Tesoros de Colombia,please sign and share  1725  0 Started by  Stuart Philpott   Guys could you please read this and share it as well anywhere you can.  I would  be really very grateful if someone could post this on your main forum in your native tongue.  Thank you so much for reading this, Massive thanks to all  the folks that sign.
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01 mei 2015 20:54
3 REPLIES and 1854 Views Excidobates mysteriosus Build  1854  3 Started by  Joe Richardson hey guys, i'm setting off on the journey of building a tank for some of these guys, as i understand it they are found in the wild living generally on mountainside. It's going to be 90(w)x50(d)x60(h)-centimeters- . currently my mind is working overtime to figure out what/how to achieve this look, wondering if any of you kind souls could point me in the direction of some build threads or even pictures of setups for these frogs Cheers Joe
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door  Jeroen van der StienGa naar laatste bericht
06 feb 2015 08:36
0 REPLIES and 1434 Views Wanted Dendrobates auratus black and blue Calobre  1434  0 Started by  DJ Abinthia hello do you know anyone i can get Dendrobates auratus black and blue Calobre from
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23 jan 2014 17:35
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