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Laatste Bericht 23 dec 2020 12:56 door tijl liekens
Saving Frogs in the Cloud Forest - HARCC Vehicle Fundraiser
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23 dec 2020 12:56
    Bij deze deel ik een oproep van HARCC :
    Hello friends! This is the video for our fundraiser on gofundme that we hope you will share! Click here: https://gofund.me/965203bf The funds we are trying to raise will allow us to purchase a 4x4 truck for our frog rescue team to safely access the cloud forest where the frogs live. In the past, we've relied on local partners for help with transport, but with COVID19 and two severe devastating hurricanes devastating the region (and destroying some of the roads to our field site), we want our team to travel safely and be able to start helping the local community more frequently. Read more at: https://gofund.me/965203bf

    Je kan hun video boodschap bekijken op Youtube :


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