Dendrobatidae Nederland (English)

Dendrobatidae Nederland (English)

Dendrobatidae Nederland is an international association of lovers of poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae), mantella’s and other frogs. Our goal is to awake, to maintain and to promote the appreciation for nature, concentrated on the tropical rainforests of Middle and South-America and Madagascar, especially the poison dart frogs.

Main goals are as well promoting offspring, to promote the protection of frogs in their natural habitat and to distribute as much information as possible related to Dendrobatidae and other tropical frogs.

Dendrobatidae Nederland is established in 1989, to comply to the growing interest for especially poison dart frogs. Our association is still in the pink of health, with over 1100 members at home and abroad!

Our activities are organizing 2 Frogdays a year. At these manifestations froglovers from at home and abroad meet eachother, exchanges knowledge and experiences. For private persons there is a possibility to barter, to buy or sell frogs and also for traders with appropriate articles (no wild caught frogs). At these days Dendrobatidae Nederland also sells magazines and other association attributes. We also organize every year a symposium day with several lectures with slideshows by specialists and soul mates about breeding frogs, travels to frog destinations etc.

Dendrobatidae Nederland issues 4 times a year a full colour magazine (in Dutch), called DN Magazine. It is only send to members, just a very limited amount of old magazines are available at Frog days and at our webshop..

It is an unique magazine with varied information about all aspects of our hobby:




  • Breeding reports of successful breeders
  • Useful information, questions and answers
  • Travel journals
  • Information about events
  • Articles about certain frog species, building terrariums, plants
  • Systematic, diseases, nourishment, laws

All with pictures and other illustrations.

Dendrobatidae Magazine lives up to what its name pretends, not only a magazine for the specialized breeder, but also for the man, woman, child who is interested in nature and wants to know more about poison dart frogs. 

In short, Dendrobatidae Nederland is THE association for lovers of poison dart frogs who want to do more with their hobby. The price does not have to be an obstacle, for only € 25 you are member, € 32 for members from abroad (you only pay once € 4 registration fee) and you will receive 4 times a year our valuable DN Magazine.


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