Dendrobatidae Nederland, English magazine
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Dendrobatidae Nederland, English magazine

Dendrobatidae Nederland, English magazine

Dendrobatidae Nederland issues 2 times a year a full colour magazine in English called DN Magazine. It is an unique magazine with varied information about all aspects of our hobby:

  Photo shows some previous Dutch magazines

  • Breeding reports of successful breeders
  • Useful information, questions and answers
  • Travel journals
  • Information about events
  • Articles about certain frog species, building terrariums, plants
  • Systematic, diseases, nourishment, laws

All with pictures and other illustrations.

Dendrobatidae Magazine lives up to what its name pretends, not only a magazine for the specialized breeder, but also for the man, woman, child who is interested in nature and wants to know more about poison dart frogs. 

In short, Dendrobatidae Nederland is THE association for lovers of poison dart frogs who want to do more with their hobby. The price does not have to be an obstacle, a subscription within or outside Europe will cost you € 27. Shipping costs include!

You can get a subscription here:

For this, you will receive our valuable English DN Magazine 2 times a year. You don´t become a member of Dendrobatidae Nederland. If you, however, want to become a member, and receive our Dutch magazine as well, than please contact us here: become a member.

Memberships can only be concluded in combination with the Dutch magazine. It´s not possible to become the English magazines instead.

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Adverteren in het DN magazine:

Jaarpakket A :   € 450 per jaar 4 x A4
Jaarpakket B :   € 300 per jaar. 4 x 1/2 A4
Jaarpakket C :   € 180 per jaar. 4 x 1/4 A4 
Jaarpakket D :   €  90 per jaar. 4 x 1/8 A4 

Voor meer informatie klik hier: Adverteren

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