DN English Magazine issue 2
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DN English Magazine issue 2

Ranitomeya ventrimaculata

R.ventrimaculata is a common frog in the lowlands of the Amazon side of the Andes in Ecuador.
For a long time it was almost the only known Ranitomeya species in this part of the country.
In recent years, discoveries were made and descriptions given of other small Ranitomeya species that are closely related.
Which is a good reason to pass some of these animals in review.

Ranitomeya lamasi
The findings of a hobbyist keeping and breeding the R.lamasi.
He describes his way of caring and breeding this beatifull thumbnail frog.

Oophaga pumilio
A closer look to one of the most diurnal frog species of Central America.
With this article we dive deeper into the behavior of this wonderful frog species,
into the reproduction behavior to be precise.
A well written article every pumilio lover must have read at least ones.

Ranita Dorada, a year later
In our first English magazine can be read about DN’s very first nature conservation project.
With this article we show how things are going a year after the start of this project.

Rhacophorus reinwardtii
This is an article about a rather unusual treefrog., the Java flying frog from Asia.
Probably one of the most fascinating treefrogs in the world with the capability of “flying”
Up to 12 metres.

Epipedobates tricolor
E.tricolor is a productive but a “dull” brown frog with cream our greenish backstripes.
At fairs it is hard to sell them off. The appreciation of this frog has decreased because of this.
With this article we  hope to show how interesting this frogs still  are and the existence of some spectacular colored morphs.

The beginning of a fascinating hobby
This story gives a look at the experience of a hobbyist named Dennis Molenaar.
It shows his journey from beginning ‘till present and with this article  he gives others
the opportunity to look over his shoulders.

Scientific news
A selection of some scientific findings.
Some of the scientific findings included in this magazine:
-Finding of Ranitomeya defleri
-Territory urge with A.femoralis
-predator selects on color
-Recognition of offspring with O.pumilio

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